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Caribbean Weather

Caribbean weather can be perfect for your tropical holiday, but here is some more in depth info:

caribbean weather

Weather - Seasons
The wet season in the Caribbean is from end of July through end of September, and temperatures vary from 70 to 90 deg. Fahrenheit, yearlong.

Weather -Winds of the Caribbean
Almost always from Northeast (often in the winter) to Southeast, between 10 and 20/25 knots, which is ideal for dream sailing.

Squalls, in the Caribbean, especially in the summer, come in a brief and intense manner. They sometimes have gusts up to 35/40 kts. The way to tell if they contain powerful gusts is to look at the coming from far: If the rain "curtain" is vertical, there is little wind in the squall. If the rain falls at a steep angle, chances are it blows hard in there! Better be prepared.

Occasionally, at Xmas time, the "Christmas winds" can blow rather hard.

Weather -Swells
In the winter, a northerly swell sometimes develops in the Caribbean and makes some anchorages uncomfortable, rolly, or plain right dangerous. Saba is a good example of a dangerous weather area when the swell develops. Always check the weather and carefully on your chart the orientation of your next planned anchorage when the swell is present.

Weather -Tropical storms, hurricanes in the Caribbean
In the summertime, from June to September, listen very carefully and religiously to the weather information. Watch for the words "Tropical wave", "Tropical disturbance", and "Upper level troughs". There are usually announced 3 to 7 days before they arrive at your location, so you have ample time to take the appropriate steps, or even simply return to the Charter base, if you feel uncomfortable.

In case of severe dangerous weather though, the base will call you on the boat cell phone, or their call channel to request you return to the base anyway. This is standard policy among Charter Companies.