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Caribbean Islands

Caribbean Beaches

Caribbean Beaches, Beaches in the Caribbean:

The most beautiful beaches in the world are found on the Islands of the Caribbean. The Caribbean beaches are non other then spectacular. The islands relatively small land mass belies the sheer quantity of its beachfront.

With the vast majority of the islands shaped like slivers, one imagines gorgeous stretches of beaches separated by the most perfunctory of inlands. And indeed the Caribbean beaches are--gorgeous, that is.

caribbean beaches

Most beaches in the Caribbean are pristine and unbelievably white, with sand so fine it feels soft to the touch. Those in search of Caribbean beaches really special should check out Harbour Island's rose-colored sands, off the coast of Eleuthera. The beaches of The Caribbean are often coupled with shallow transparent water for hundreds of yards out to sea, rising gently to sandbars before finally dropping into the depths.

Miles of uncluttered perfect beaches stretch out over the Caribbean, and a vacation is not complete without a day at the beach. Hotels offer many beach activities and water sports.

Caribbean Beaches:

Anguilla, Little Bay
This tiny half moon shaped sandy bay is protected by high cliffs, so the ambience is tranquil and excellent for sunbathing and snorkelling. Access by a boat only.
Nearby, Shoal Bay, Rendezvous Bay, or Road Bay offer a few more facilities and action. Caribbean beaches

Bahamas, Harbour Island, Pink Beach
This famous pink sand beach is said to be one of the world's most photographed beaches. It's a 3-mile stretch of powder coral sand, named for its pink colour because of flecks of red coral mixed with fine sugar-white sand. Most of the accommodation is located on the cliff behind the beach, and reached by water taxi from Eleuthera.

Belize, Placencia
This is a totally laid-back seaside town, with pristine sandy beaches on a long, narrow peninsula in SE Belize. It is is well worth the trip to get there [4-5 hours from Belize City, but now daily domestic flights are available. Caribbean beaches.

Belize, South Water Caye Caribbean Beaches
This is a place for sun-seekers who want to be part of marine nature. In fact, Belize is the home of the world's second longest barrier reef [180 miles from Mexico to the Sapodilla Cayes], and this tiny 12-acre island off Dangriga is a part of it. You can experience the some of the world's most exciting snorkeling, diving, and fishing there. Ambergris Caye [resort] and Caye Caulker [low-key] are also excellent places.

British Virgin Islands, Virgin Gorda, The Baths
Palm-lined silky beaches with deep pinky-gray sands and peppermint green water [what about the purple prose?]. The Baths is one of the most popular spots in the British Virgin Islands, but can get crowded. Good for year-round swimming and snorkelling, especially going left from the beach. Generally a bit pricey. Virgin Gorda is one of the friendliest islands in the Caribbean. Best Dec-March. Avoid Sept.

Grenada, Carriacou, Anse la Roche Caribbean Beaches
This is a must-do beach, a perfect postcard of white sand with a superb view of Union Island across the water. About 45 minute walk from Bogles but it's quite easy to get lost and it might be better to take a water taxi. There are no facilities and very few people, so take food and drink. Grand Anse Beach on the main island is also known to be one of the finest of clichéd tropical beaches in the Caribbean.